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DIPA is the leading industry body with utmost credibility and reputation, exclusively dedicated towards the development of robust digital infrastructure, thereby associating with the leading digital infrastructure providers to develop, build, own and operate the nation’s wireless infrastructure in India.

Digital Infrastructure Providers Association supports the expansion of infrastructure and has worked tirelessly to remove barriers to deployment.

We represent the infrastructure providers and professional services firms that own and manage the telecommunications facilities throughout India – providing information, representation, career and educational support essential to growing the industry.

Becoming a DIPA member will allow you to:
  • Advocate
  • Provide opportunities to grow your business
  • Educate
  • Be part of industry initiatives Network
  • Benefits of DIPA Membership

    Benefits of DIPA Membership: We believe that DIPA membership will bring mutual benefits to both the organizations such as access to industry database, Newsletters/Journals, Case Studies, White Papers, Executive interviews, and other key membership benefits includes:


    1. 1. Global trends that affect your business
    2. 2. Industry best practices on competitiveness
    3. 3. Get an insight into Government policies and their impact on businesses


    1. 1. Networking opportunities with leading Corporates
    2. 2. Platform to enhance your business and develop newer markets


    1. 1. Share of best practices by the industry leading players
    2. 2. Help enhance competitiveness of Indian Industry and showcase your expertise
    3. 3. Be a part of the conferences, seminars with National as well as international industries, dignitaries etc.

    As a DIPA member, you will get the exclusive opportunity to be a part of the tremendously growing Indian ICT sector, stay informed of the latest developments in the industry, connect with cross-industry peers and drive its business interests forward in India, besides advocacy with various relevant authorities to resolve the issues/ concerns/ challenges.





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    Name: Mr. Tilak Raj Dua

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